Open Ai / Chat GPT

Supercharge your online website with Ai automation, used to generate Products, Custom Pages & Blogs

Push Notifications

Send alert messages to customers when they are not on your website, also used to receive order notifications

Loyalty Rewards System

Reward your customers for shopping with you by setting points for product purchases, registration & order value

Wholesale Discount Price

Customers will receive an automatic discount once they add a certain quantity amount of a product to their cart

SMS Notification

An automatic sms notification will be sent to you & your customers when an order is placed or updated

Staff Accounts

Assign roles & grant controlled access to different sections of your website without compromising security

Customer Mobile App

Cross-platform mobile app for your customers. Works on any iPhone, Android and even Desktop devices

Multiple Payment Options

Get paid for your products with our different methods like COD, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card & Lynk

Guest Checkout

Let customers purchase as a guest. Customer doesn't have to create an account to shop with you

POS Ordering System

Create orders for your customers on the go or if they cant place an order with the built-in POS system

Use Custom Domain

If you already own a domain, you can attach your website to your domain or purchase a domain from us

WhatsApp Api

Add your business WhatsApp number to your website by activating the chat button so customers can message you

Custom CSS & JavaScript

Customize your website theme by editing the CSS file and adding JavaScript code to add more functionality to your website

Multiple Website Designs

Style your website by choosing between the multiple professional looking themes available for any business type

Inventory Management

Manage inventory by setting stock status and quantity amount, In Stock or Out of Stock so you don't oversell

Google Analytics

Use to track your website performance and collect visitor insights. It helps you determine top sources of user traffic

Facebook Pixel

Analytics tool that helps you track conversions from your facebook ads by seeing actions people do on your website

Digital Ads

Earn money from your website traffic by displaying ads from our advertising partner Jamique Ad Market